1. Font Color & Font Style

Kode Program :

Private Sub ChkBold_Click()

‘membuat teks tebal

If ChkBold.Value = 1 Then

Lblteks.FontBold = True


Lblteks.FontBold = False

End If

End Sub

Private Sub OptRed_Click()

‘membuat teks berwarna merah

Lblteks.ForeColor = vbRed

End Sub


Kode Program

‘jika status single dipilih, mendapat tunjangan 50000

‘jika status menikah dipilih, maka mendapat tunjangan 80000

Private Sub Optsingle_Click()

If Optsingle.Value = 1 Then

tunjangan = 50000

End If

End Sub


Kode Program

Private Sub cmdColor_Click()

cmdDialog.dialogtitle = “select a color”

cmdDialog.showcolor ‘display the dialog box

End Sub


Private Sub cmdFont_Click()

cmdDialog.dialogtitle = “font”

cmdDialog.FileName = “arial”

cmdDialog.FontBold = cdlCFBoth


End Sub


Private Sub cmdOpen_Click()

cmdDialog.dialogtitle = “file open”

cmdDialog.Filter = “*.txt” ‘tampilkan text saja

cmdDialog.FileName = “*.txt” ‘default nama file

cmdDialog.showopen ‘menampilkan dialog open file

End Sub

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()

cmdDialog.dialogtitle = “printer”

cmdDialog.showprinter ‘display the dialog box

End Sub


Private Sub cmdSave_Click()

cmdDialog.dialogtitle = “file save”

cmdDialog.Filter = “**” ‘show all files

cmdDialog.FileName = “test.txt” ‘default filename

cmdDialog.showsave ‘tringger the dialog box

End Sub

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